1.      Sentences should be precise and concise.
2.      Avoid obscure words and compositions unless they express a specific concept.
3.      When composing the article, it is essential to transliterate the entry at the beginning, using the “Phonetics” section of the ECI Entry Writing Guide. Also include in parenthesis the entry’s English equivalent. If the equivalent is not a commonly used term in English, then a literal translation should be provided.
For example: Al-Īkhwān al- Mūslīmūn(Muslim Brotherhood)
4.      Titles of books and printed media should be italicized.
5.      In case your article includes any of ECI’s main entries, please mark them with an asterisk (*).
6.      Write the title of the article in bold.
7.      When an entry covers an individual, first state their surname followed by their first name, or their “better known name” (as explained in the “Biography of Individuals” section of the ECI Entry Writing Guide). Then, put in parenthesis the individual’s place of birth, year of birth place of death, year of death.
For example: Burūjerdī, Muḥammad Husain (Borujerd 1250SH/1871G Qum 1340SH/1961G).
8.      A descriptive sentence (the descriptor) should follow the entry.
For example: Fadaaeyan of Islam, a militant group of Iranian Islamists led by Nawwāb Safawi in the 1940s.
9.      Since ECI is published in English, it is essential to include Gregorian calendar equivalents next to the Islamic Hijri dates. As illustrated by the example, please insert “G” after Gregorian dates, “SH” after Solar Hijri dates, and “LH” after Lunar Hijri dates.
10.At the end of the article, two lists of resources should be cited: one citing sources that the author has used in his or her article, and the other providing a list of further readings. These works should be cited according to the “Bibliography” section of the ECI Entry Writing Guide. Authors are advised to refer to the original sources and not to their translations to the extent possible.
11.It is essential to use in-text citation for the sources used in the article. For this purpose, please refer to the “in-text citation” section according to the MLA style of documentation (referred to in the “Bibliography” section of ECI Entry Writing Guide). Generally, in-text citations require that the following is placed in parenthesis: Authors last name, volume number and page. This allows the editor to readily refer to the original sources and evaluate your work.
12.When necessary, use references such as “see also”—both within and at the end of your article—to point the reader to additional entries that will assist them in gaining a better understanding of the subject under study.